Bowden: the Kelly Dance

After talking to a prospective publisher, the title of the manuscript  has been changed from Bowden Archives and other Marginalia to The Bowden Archives.  This  cut  down means that the book will be about Bowden as  the non-Bowden images–eg., the coastal beaches, Port Adelaide, Adelaide hills  etc– have now been pruned from the draft manuscript. They have been shifted to the historical section of the proposed Adelaide book.

I have been going through and scanning the 35mm negatives in the archive.   The picture below  is from the Kelly Dance–an evening of jigs and reels —  that was put on by  The Bush Dance Theatre:

boy at Kelly Dance
boy at Kelly Dance

This evening was sometimes in the 1980s. Unfortunately,  I cannot recall where the musical evening  was held or when.  

I have this  photo of the poster,  but I can find no trace of the event or the musicians on  the internet.

The Kelly Dance, Bowden
The Kelly Dance, Bowden

The proposed change makes for a more sharply focused and contained book, one  with a strong historical focus. I haven’t figured out the subtitle yet. Maybe something along the lines of Photography, history, memory? It is  photos from the archives and me looking back on a lost Adelaide trying to remember the events I photographed.

bass guitarist, Kelly Dance
bass guitarist, Kelly Dance

The prospective publisher also made a suggestion  to include some re-photography.  I will have to have a think about that option as a lot of what I photographed in the 1980s has gone.


One thought on “Bowden: the Kelly Dance

  1. Colin Ball March 7, 2022 / 4:38 pm

    perhaps make contact with the Hindmarsh Residents Association Community Archive Group Inc


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